In Memoriam: Vanya Kostova, Favorite Singer of Many Bulgarians, Died Aged 64

Vanya Kostova
07.05.2021 / 09:43

Singer Vanya Kostova died at the age of 64 yesterday, Nova TV reports. The cause of her death is unknown at this time.

Vanya Kostova was born on April 18, 1957 in Dimitrovgrad. After graduating from the Variety Department at the Music Academy in the class of Georgi Kordov, she began her professional career in the Tonika SV band in 1980, and her signature voice became her trademark.

In 1986 she became a soloist of the Highways ensemble, where Stefan Diomov also works. In the late 80’s she continued her career as a soloist. Her repertoire includes lyrical songs, dramatic ballads and Bulgarian folk songs, among her best pieces are “Christmas”, “Star”, “My Horse”, “Cherry”.

In the 90’s she gave dozens of charity concerts across the country with the revived Tonica Family band. Her song “Stars in my night” based on poems by Petya Dubarova was awarded the grand prix of Burgas and the Sea festival – 1998. Her dream is to release an album of songs based on poems by Petya Dubarova, which she has been collecting for over 10 years. In 2001 she left Tonica again.

Two solo tours followed - in Canada and the United States, where she performed dozens of concerts.

In 2004 she again won the first prize at the Pirin Folk Festival in Bansko in a duet with his son Boyan, and in 2005 she toured Australia and New Zealand, where she presented her unique hits. On June 30, 2008 Vanya Kostova celebrated the 25th anniversary of her solo career on stage with a big concert in Bulgaria Hall.

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