Today Bulgaria Celebrates St.George Day and Armed Forces Day

06.05.2021 / 10:58

On 6th of May, Bulgaria marks the Day of Saint George the Victorious.

The public holiday is also known as Gergyovden and is one of the most celebrated name-days in the country.

St. George is the patron saint of shepherds and roasting a whole lamb is part of the tradition on this day.

6th of May is also the Day of Valor and the Bulgarian Armed Forces. It was made an official holiday with a decree of Knyaz Alexander of Bulgaria on 9th of January 1880. During the Communist regime the holiday was cancelled, but it was reinstated in 1993.

This year, the Day of Valor will be marked with a fly-past of helicopters and aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force. They will conduct a low flying performance over Alexander Nevsky Square in the capital city of Sofia from 9.55 to 10.45.

A dress rehearsal of the Bulgarian military units, that will take part in the blessing of the Bulgarian military flags and the flags and banners of the sacred places of the Bulgarian Army, was held on May 5 from 9.30 in front of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. The rehearsal took place in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures.

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