Even patients with moderate Covid-19 are left with consequences for life: Dr. Doncho Donchev

Route for Covid patients
02.05.2021 / 16:47

“There is not a single person who has had severe or even moderate coronavirus who has not been left with consequences for life,” said for bTV Dr. Doncho Donchev from the Military Medical Academy who started working as a volunteer at a Covid ward one year ago, contracted coronavirus, fell serious ill, and when he recovered gave plasma seven times for other Covid-19 patients.

“This year I am not optimistic about the pandemic and I prefer to be more sceptical and restrained,” he commented. He stated that each of the three waves of coronavirus has had its characteristics with routine now taking over. “We now have good infrastructure, wards well stocked with oxygen which saves many human lives. Vaccines are what gives hope that the pandemic will blow over,” Dr. Doncho Donchev says.

Source: BNR
Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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