Bulgaria: Emigrants Are Fewer Than Immigrants in 2020 – National Statistical Institute

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12.04.2021 / 18:32

In 2020, 37,364 people changed their residence from abroad to Bulgaria, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) reported.

The relative share of males is 52.0%, and the females - 48.0%. Among those who come to live in the country 34.2% are in the 20 - 39 years age bracket, and 32.3% are aged 40 - 59 years. The youngest immigrants (under 20 years old) are 13.6%, and the oldest (60 and older) - 19.9%. The highest proportion of immigrants come from Turkey (24.3%), Germany (9.6%) and the Russian Federation (9.3%).

Persons who have changed their domicile from abroad in favor of Bulgaria, or the flow of immigrants, include Bulgarian citizens who have returned to the country, as well as citizens of other countries who have obtained a stay permit or residence status in the country.

Much lower is the number of people who have changed their current address and moved abroad in 2020:

They are 6,649 people, 57.1% of them males. Among the persons who emigrated from Bulgaria 36.1% are aged 20 - 39 years. The youngest migrants (under 20 years old) are 12.1%, and those 60 years of age and older - 18.9% of all emigrants. The destinations most preferred by expatriates are Germany (22.2%), the Russian Federation (14.6%) and Turkey (13.0%).

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