Intellectuals call on Bulgaria’s MPs to leave former Party House

Bulgarian parliament
12.04.2021 / 15:09

Bulgarian intellectuals support the national campaign which calls on the MPs from this country’s 45th Parliament to return to the old National Assembly building. In 2020, the Parliament moved into the so-called Party House - former headquarters of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

"I am insulted by the fact that the Party House has become a symbol of the Parliament, which is an utter contempt for history and I believe many people also feel this way", historian Professor Plamen Pavlov said for BNR. "The renovation and reconstruction of the Saint Sofia hall is an aesthetic shock," added Professor Pavlov. Academician Anton Donchev, Academician Georgi Markov, Professor Nina Dyulgerova and other intellectuals are participating at the campaign. So far, the initiative has been left without a response.

Source: BNR
Photo: Ani Petrova, BNR

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