Today is World Health Day

Happy Holiday!
07.04.2021 / 10:27

The value of good health is celebrated on World Health Day on April 7.

Spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO), physical, mental, and emotional well-being is promoted and celebrated all over the world on this day.

The history begun in New York, in July 1946 with the constitution of the World Health Organization. The resolution entered into force on April 7, 1948, as 61 countries signed in agreement for the inception of the NGO.

As one of the first official acts of WHO, they created the celebration of World Health Day. It was first observed on July 22, 1949, but the date was later changed to April 7, the establishment of WHO, to encourage student participation.

Since its inception, health issues and access to healthcare have been greatly campaigned for by people all over the world on World Health Day.

The World Health Organization has a different theme every year for this day, which is highlighted in schools, seminars, workshops, and discussion forums. The day is all about creating awareness for the health issues of the needy and the less fortunate in poor regions around the world, as well as reminding us to be grateful for our health and to better take care of ourselves.

World Health Day provides a global opportunity to focus attention on important public health issues that affect the international community. On the occasion of World Health Day, promotional programs are launched that continue for a long time after April 7.

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