Easing of Covid-19 measures now is suicidal, a general practitioner says

Dr. Valentin Yanev
02.04.2021 / 15:29

"The coronavirus is definitely ahead of the vaccination process and it is what immunizes the Bulgarian population," general practitioner Dr. Valentin Yanev has told BNR. He pointed out that the vaccination process was seriously lagging behind and this happens at the costly price of 5% mortality. The doctor predicts that a change in the vaccine-virus ratio is unlikely to occur, as 2.5 million vaccines were needed to achieve collective immunity.

According to Dr. Valentin Yanev, the easing of measures on April 1 was a suicidal act, which would have catastrophic consequences. "The virus will spread with the speed of lightning and the hospital system will be greatly affected," he said. According to the doctor, each patient with high body temperature was infected with Covid-19 because there were no other viral infections at the moment.

Source: BNR
Photo: BGNES

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