Bulgaria: Roma Baron Tsar Kiro Dies in Plovdiv

Kiril Rashkov, aka Tsar Kiro
02.04.2021 / 13:40

The notorious Roma baron Kiril Rashkov, aka Tsar Kiro, died this night at his home in Plovdiv aged 78. The news was confirmed by the family's lawyer Rositsa Draginova, reported "24 Hours"

The funeral will be on Sunday, Draginova said. She added that she is currently preparing a request to interrupt the execution of the punishment of Tsar Kiro's daughter, Sabka. She was sentenced to five years in prison for possession of 2,054 g of heroin worth BGN 184,921 imported from Turkey.

Kiril Rashkov himself also has a long criminal record and was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for trafficking mercury and antiquities.

The Roma baron owes his nickname to licit trade in alcohol, but on such suspicions he has not been charged. Serious tensions associated with his name mounted after the incident in Katunitsa village, when his relatives killed a 19-year-old boy. Since then, Rashkov and his family have lived in Plovdiv.

Sofia Photo Agency

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