No Joke – Vaccinated against Covid Urged to Eat More Tomatoes

01.04.2021 / 17:56

People who have received their COVID-19 vaccine should eat tomatoes and drink more tomato juice as it is a natural remedy against blood clotting, the director of the Bulgarian National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Professor Todor Kantardzhiev, said on Wednesday.

This is not an April Fool’s joke, but a real piece of advice dispensed to Bulgarian citizens by the institutions.

The comment on tomatoes is the only statement made by the Bulgarian authorities about the problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine, the use of which Germany has restricted due to cases of rare clots in women under the age of 60.

So far, Bulgaria has vaccinated only 6% of its citizens, ranking it last in the European Union in terms of its and the main vaccine used has been Oxford University’s AstraZeneca vaccine. Two weeks ago, Kantardzhiev recommended that Bulgarians infected with COVID-19 should eat a lemon sprinkled with baking soda to reduce the viral loads in their throats.

On Wednesday, the professor, who is a key member of the National HQ against COVID-19, told bTV that about one-third of Bulgarians should already be immune to the coronavirus, referring to the total number of recovered and vaccinated people. Official data shows that the recovered and vaccinated make up no more than 10% of the Bulgarian population, however.

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