To lift off the ground - short films about skateboarding culture during "Burgas 2020" Festival

18.07.2020 / 09:12

"Le skate moderne" (2014), "Lost In Carranza" (2019) and "Until We Reach the East" (2018) are some of the film titles that will make viewers "forget" about the earth's gravity during the International Film Festival "Burgas 2020". The beginning of the fifth edition of the festival is on July 18 at 9.15 pm, with free entrance on the “Snail” open stage. Skateboarding films will be presented by special guest Denis Alcaniz - programmer of "TOUS COURTS" - one of the most prestigious forums for short films in France. Skate culture in Burgas has been an integral part of the spirit of the city since the early 90's, when the first skate spots emerged in front of the former building of the Burgas Free University, and its presence is still felt today. In a preliminary announcement, the festival organizers point out that skateboarding is primarily a culture of the free spirit and interest in it is shown not only by "fans of the board", but also by passers-by, captivated by the "magic of skateboarding tricks".

Source: BNR
Photo: Burgas Municipality

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