Zoran Zaev's Social Democrats are Winning the Elections in Northern Macedonia

Zoran Zaev
16.07.2020 / 13:01

Three months ago, Zoran Zaev resigned

Zoran Zaev's Social Democrats are winning the elections in northern Macedonia.

The results are not final. After counting 75% of the ballots, the pro-European party leads only 1% ahead of the VMRO-DPMNE nationalists.

The Democratic Union of Ethnic Albanians takes just over 10%. In the current parliament, they were allies of Zaev and helped ratify the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece.

The election was prompted by the failure of northern Macedonia to get a date for the start of EU accession talks. Prime Minister Zaev resigned, parliament was disintegrated and the pandemic postponed the vote by three months.


Key elections in Northern Macedonia

The elections in northern Macedonia were on the 15th July. The vote is crucial for our neighbor's European future. After a delay of 3 months due to the coronavirus, the vote will take place at a time when the infection has returned.

Many voters now have to make a choice not only between candidates, but also between going to the polls at all or staying home for safety reasons. Some analysts believe this could be crucial to the final outcome of the election.

Outside the epidemic, Macedonians choose between two alternatives. Zoran Zaev's Social Democrats, whose rule brought NATO membership and treaties with Bulgaria and Greece. Or the nationalists from VMRO-DPMNE, who claim that Northern Macedonia has lost its appearance.

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Photo: vlada.mk

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