Sand sculptures festival in Bourgas will feature fairy tale and film characters

Sand figures
07.07.2020 / 21:10

The preparation for the 13th edition of the sand sculptures festival in Bulgaria’s coastal city of Bourgas began.

This year, the festival will feature fairy tales and film characters.

Sand sculptors have already started working on their pieces.

Mowgli, King Kong and Godzilla are created by a family from the South Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora. Georgi Zlatev and his wide Annie have carved sand artworks for 13 years. They explained they never use reinforcing materials and seal the ready sculptures with glue.

The sculptures of the festival are expected to be ready by 15th of July.


The Sand Sculptures Festival is held annually from 2008 in city of Bourgas. It begins in early summer (July) and the sculptures remain open for visiting throughout the summer. The sand shapes are located in the Park "Ezeroto" ("The Lake") in the Sea Garden. The festival attracts many Bulgarian and world-renowned international artists.

Source: BNT

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