The image of the woman through the eyes of modern industry and advertising

Alla Georgieva
07.06.2020 / 09:07

Bulgarian female artist Alla Georgieva is one of the founders of the Bulgarian women's art group "March 8", which through its artistic performances provokes discussions on gender and feminist issues. With the exhibition "Museum of Women" Alla poses questions, among which are issues such as whether we have achieved the coveted gender equality, whether we need feminism today, what is the modern role of women.

In the Vera Nedkova house-museum the artist she has put on display a collection of visual examples treating women as a sexual object, examples of the advertising industry using the female body to sell goods, objects on the market, photographs. Most often, such objects use the language of humour to portray women in a humiliating light.

Alla Georgieva has been collecting the items illustrating the topic for 20 years. The exhibition can be seen until the end of September.

Source: BNR
Photo: Ani Petrova

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