Greece with the Highest Number of Unemployed Graduates in the EU

Flag of Greece
10.10.2019 / 09:45

In 2018, Greece had the highest unemployment rate among university graduates aged 25-39 (19.9%) in the European Union, according to a study by the Greek Agency for Quality and Accreditation (ADIP).

The study also revealed that, although many students are admitted to universities in Greece, few are graduating. This is mainly addressed by the phenomenon of so-called "eternal students" - because of a system that allows undergraduates to continue their studies indefinitely.

The large number of these students also leads to inflated student numbers and explains why Greece has the highest student-teacher ratio compared to other EU countries.

The survey showed that the proportion of students to teachers is 38.7: 1, while Eurostat data for 2017 shows that the average ratio in the European Union is 15.4 students per teacher.

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