The UK Believes the EU Does not Compromise on Brexit Negotiations

09.10.2019 / 14:18

The UK has so far not seen a compromise on the part of the European Union in the Brexit talks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today, urging the community to be flexible in order to reach an exit agreement, Reuters reported.

According to the spokesman, the prime minister told his ministers that Britain is still looking for a deal and that technical talks with the EU are still ongoing.

Earlier, the EU said the UK was playing a “stupid blame game" over Brexit after a Johnson office source said it was essentially impossible to come to a deal because German Chancellor Angela Merkel had made unacceptable demands.

A separate Downing Street source told Reuters that unless the European Union compromises and does a Brexit deal shortly, then the United Kingdom will leave without a deal.

The prime minister's spokesman said the talks were clearly at a critical stage.

"The Prime Minister really wants a deal, but to achieve this, some compromise will be needed on the part of the EU, and so far we do not see such a thing," he said, adding that it is not the UK that is talking about blaming games.

“From our side we reiterate that the EU position has not changed. We want a deal, we are working with the UK for a deal,” spokeswoman Mina Andreeva told reporters.

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