Olympic Glory Alley Opened in Bulgaria

Athletes of the Walk of Fame in Bulgaria
16.08.2019 / 21:28

An Alley of Bulgaria's Olympic Glory was officially opened on Friday in the town of Sveti Vlas on the Black Sea coast of the country, the Bulgarian Olympic Committee (BOC) said.

The alley, which is located on one of the busiest streets, contains the bas-reliefs of the 48 Bulgarian athletes who have won 52 Olympic gold medals for Bulgaria, the BOC said in a press release.

The first one was won in Melbourne in 1956 by the wrestler Nikola Stanchev, and the most recent was won by the rower Rumyana Neykova in 2008 in Beijing, the BOC said.

"The alley will preserve and multiply the achievements of the golden athletes," BOC's president Stefka Kostadinova said at the opening ceremony.

Some of Bulgaria's Olympic champions have already left this world, others were sick, and these achievements seemed to be forgotten, the 1972 wrestling Olympic champion Georgi Markov said in turn. "Initiatives like this keep the memory," he added.

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