Bulgarian Railways Launch “Read on the Train” Campaign

Campaign "Read on the train"
16.08.2019 / 21:03

Bulgarian State Railways have launched Read on the Train campaign. Passengers who own a smart device can take advantage of the innovative method by scanning a special QR code, which is on trains, reports BNT.

Kalin Marinov, Head of Sales and Service: Read on the Train came as a result of a study on wha passengers like doing while traveling on the trains. It turns out that many of them who own smartphones use them for some type of activity, and not a small percentage of them use it to read ebooks.

The BDZ initiative is implemented jointly with Bulgarian publishing houses, which provide works by native authors for the virtual library. Passengers can download a special QR code reading app on their smart device. After scanning the code with the application, it leads to a link where various ebooks can be found.

Sofia Photo Agency
Collage: Stanimir Petkov

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