Financier Vladimir Karolev: The Poor People in Bulgaria Are Very Few

Vladimir Karolev
13.08.2019 / 17:00

The financier Vladimir Karolev considers that the calculations of the KNSB, even if every fourth working person is poor, are incorrect. "They calculate it incorrectly. In comparison with the European Statistical Office, in 2018, the working poor in the 18-64 age group in Bulgaria are 10.1% at 9.4% of the EU average.

We are a little more, but we are not, as the KNSB calls it, ”commented Karolev in an interview for NOVA. The financier is categorical that the real group of poor people in Bulgaria is actually very small.

"These are people who receive a minimum pension and they don't have families to support them. Another such group are people with a very low qualification”, he added.

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