Over 200,000 People Visited the Rozhen Fair in the Rhodope Mountains

21.07.2019 / 17:49

Over 200,000 people visited the Rozhen Fair in the Rhodope Mountains. Therefore, there was a temporary restriction of the traffic in the area.

For those wishing to visit the festival, public transport was provided. Altogether, 3500 artists reveal the magic of Rhodope music from the four scenes of the concert.

From a competition for the most beautiful costume, to a culinary show for forgotten traditional dishes. This was the second festival day. but the culmination comes tonight with a festive fireworks and spectacle of the fire-dancers.

"Rozhen gives the power of horo, of songs, of everything for what the people have came for. I am pleased that there are people, there are songs, revival and unification. Bulgaria was great, let's make it even bigger - with Bulgarian music, Bulgarian traditions. Let's not forget where we came from,"said Valya Balkanska.

Due to the gathering, a special organization of the traffic in the area was introduced. The transport scheme was developed with an alternative crossing through Laki, Banite, Devin and Rozhen region. The traffic between Pamporovo and Sokolovtsi was also limited.

Sofia Photo Agency
Photo: novinite.bg

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