The monuments in Pliska's Cyrillic Yard are increasing

The Cyrillic Yard in Pliska
25.05.2019 / 10:58

Around 15 new monuments this year will become part of the writer's alley in the Pliska Cyrillic Yard. This was reported in an interview by Darik with Karen Aleksanian, who set up the complex four years ago. Almost 40 busts of artists from different countries who have written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Besides the uniquely made letters, in the Cyrillic court there is a picture gallery connected with the alphabet and the conversion of the Bulgarians, as well as wax figures - the disciples of Cyril and Methodius and all the Bulgarian rulers who reigned in Pliska.

Karen Aleksanian came to Bulgaria for a while in the mid-1990s. But, apart from staying in our country, he created the Pliska Cyrillic Yard four years ago. He buys land and makes the complex "Stara Pliska".

"All the letters of the Bulgarian alphabet were arranged in the Cyrillic Yard, and they were made in Armenia by the best Armenian stonemason, each letter weighing between 400-500 kg, we brought them with two TIRs, and the craftsman came from Armenia to personally mount them" , says Aleksanian.

"There are few alphabets in the world with known creators, for example, no one knows who created the Latin, Greek, Arabic or Chinese alphabet. So it deserves to have its own museum," added the creator of the Cyrillic Yard.

Karen Aleksanian stresses that Pliska is the most significant city in our history, and in the history of Medieval Europe. "9th century, Pliska was the largest city in Europe, about 23 square kilometers, then Rome was 14 square kilometers and Constantinople 17 square kilometers," he added.

In the Yard of the Cyrillic in Pliska you can see the wax figures of Clement, Naum and Angelarius, who are processing the Glagolitic in Cyrillic. On the second floor are the figures of all the rulers of Bulgaria who reigned in the First Bulgarian capital. The writers' alley now houses monumental busts of artists who wrote in the Cyrillic alphabet.

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