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The Ancient Egypt Museum in Cairo Shows the "Screaming Mummy"
19.02.2018 / 15:42

The "screaming mummy" is displayed at the Ancient Egypt Museum in Cairo.


It is considered to be the son of one of the Egyptian pharaohs who was executed for plotting to murder her father. The mummy is known as the "unknown person E", and its external appearance shows that...

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Archaeologists have Discovered Ancient Facilities for Beer and Bread Production
13.02.2018 / 14:03

Archaeologists have discovered ancient beer and bread facilities located 600 km south of Cairo, the BNR said, citing Scientm.


At the end of last year, a team from the University of Chicago opened there remains of two administrative buildings from about 4400 years, from the period of the Old...

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Scientists have Discovered a Lake Under the Sea (Video)
12.02.2018 / 15:17

US scientists have discovered a lake at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, BNT reported. The water in it is about five times saline compared to the surrounding. It also contains poisonous concentrations of methane and hydrogen sulphide and therefore does not mix with the surrounding sea water. If an...

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Chinese New Year 2018: What the Year of the Dog Actually Means

Източник: pixabay
12.02.2018 / 15:15

At my local Chinese takeaway, January was greeted with the traditional handing over of the calendar along with my order, a brightly coloured affair that’s been a household fixture for some years, according to the Independent.


Ah, I said, unfurling the scroll. It’s the Year of the Dog!...

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The mystery behind the Massive stone head of Guatemala

The mystery behind the Massive stone head of Guatemala
09.02.2018 / 14:05

What on Earth is a massive stone head with Caucasian features doing in a jungle in Guatemala? Furthermore, is there a body hidden beneath the surface? Who built this massive monolith, and what was its true purpose?


There are certain findings that question history as we know it. There are other...

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Cate Blanchett to chair 2018 Cannes Film Festival jury

04.01.2018 / 16:02

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett is to chair the jury that will pick the award winners at this year's Cannes Film Festival, reported BBC.


She is "a rare and unique artist with talent and conviction", the Cannes Film Festival organisers said.


The Australian star is one of the...

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Scientists Found Microorganisms in Antarctica that were Thought to be Unable to Live on Earth

Source: Twitter
14.12.2017 / 14:29

Australian and New Zealand scientists have discovered two new types of bacteria previously believed to be impossible to live on Earth, the Tape reported.


In order to maintain the metabolism of the WPS-2 and AD3, the atmosphere is sufficient to supply hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide,...

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Google Maps will Soon Indicate When it's Time to Get off the Bus or Train

11.12.2017 / 14:13

US Internet giant Google is about to release a small but significant update to its Google Maps cartographic service that will provide real-time guidance and notifications during a trip, Tech Crunch writes.


The idea is to provide timely information as you move to a specific goal.


Updates will...

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Christmas in New York - 25 Thousand Swarovski Crystals and 50 Thousand Lights (Video)
30.11.2017 / 15:05

Crowds of tourists gathered in downtown Manhattan with enhanced security measures to light the lights of New York's largest Christmas tree.


The tree is 23 meters high and weighs over 12 tonnes. At its top is a star with 25,000 Swarovski crystals and its decoration includes 50,000 lights.



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Cosmonaut Found Extraterrestrial Bacteria on the International Space Station

Source: Pixabay
29.11.2017 / 15:01

Russian astronaut Anton Shkplelerov told the Tass news agency that he found extraterrestrial bacteria on the outer shell of the International Space Station (ISS) a few years ago. He claims to have discovered the bacteria during the sampling of the station's body.


"It turns out that these...

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