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The Largest Ferris Wheel Is Available for People to Visit (VIDEO / PHOTOS)

CGTN Facebook
17.05.2018 / 15:38

The world's largest unprotected Ferris wheel opened in the Chinese city of Weifang, Shandong province, TASC reported.


The local administration has decided to apply for a Guinness record with the new facility. The vinyl wheel has a height of 145 m and its diameter is 125 m. More than 5000 tons of...

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New York Post: Bulgarian Mystic who ‘Predicted’ ISIS, 9/11 had Two Prophecies for 2018

Source: Twitter
08.05.2018 / 15:11

A blind mystic who many claim predicted 9/11, the rise of ISIS, the Boxing Day tsumani and Brexit also foresaw two major events in 2018.


Bulgarian Baba Vanga — who died in 1996 at the age of 85 — is well known among conspiracy theorists who believe she foretold natural disasters and global...

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Moderate Magnetic Storm will Reach Earth
26.04.2018 / 14:37

Moderate magnetic storm will reach the Earth on May 17, according to the Astronomy Laboratory at the Lebedev Physics Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences.


According to the magnetic storm graph, a second-degree storm (G2) on the five-volume system will occur on Earth on May 17th.



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Elon Musk Is About to Spend Half a Billion Dollars on These 3 Epic Projects

Elon Musk Is About to Spend Half a Billion Dollars on These 3 Epic Projects
18.04.2018 / 10:54

Elon Musk's rocket company, SpaceX, is raising about US$500 million in new funding.


The cash investment would be a boon to SpaceX, which is chasing three incredibly ambitious projects in the coming decade, including a global satellite-internet network, a spaceship to explore and colonize Mars,...

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Mermaid School: Unusual Swimming Lessons in Belgium (Video)

Kitty Hawk Kites
17.04.2018 / 15:52

Curious story from Belgium, where they have a mermaids school. Unusual swimming lessons are held in the town of Tourne. In the pool everyone swims dressed in special suits.


The idea comes from the United States and is a combination of three disciplines.


The training is appropriate for all...

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Nasa to Launch Telescope on SpaceX Rocket to Search for Alien Worlds

Source: Pixabay
16.04.2018 / 16:02

Nasa is planning to launch a telescope that will ride on a SpaceX rocket designed to hunt for 20,000 new worlds, the Guardian writes.


The planet-hunting spacecraft Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, baptised Tess, is set to take off from Cape Canaveral in Florida.


The USD 200 million...

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China just built a 250-acre solar farm shaped like a giant panda

The Panda Power Plant in Datong, China
12.04.2018 / 12:59

Most solar farms align their solar arrays in rows and columns to form a grid.

A new solar power plant in Datong, China, however, decided to have a little fun with its design. China Merchants New Energy Group, one of the country's largest clean energy operators, built a 248-acre solar farm in the...

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Snow Monkeys Bathe in Hot Springs to Relieve Stress, Study Says

Source: Pixabay
04.04.2018 / 15:37

KYOTO, Japan Times – Japanese monkeys in Nagano Prefecture’s Jigokudani valley appear to have lower levels of a stress hormone than usual when they bath in natural hot springs during winter to warm up, a study has said.


A team including Rafaela Sayuri Takeshita, a researcher at Kyoto...

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The world’s largest rain farm will generate a Mongolia-sized cloud to quench China’s thirst

The world’s largest rain farm will generate a Mongolia-sized cloud to quench China’s thirst
03.04.2018 / 12:39

To secure fresh water for a parched population, China’s state-run Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is launching the world’s largest rain-making project.


Once finished, the weather modification system will produce 2,641,720,523,581 gallons of water per year. That’s a lotta...

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NASA Showed a Galaxy at 130 Million Light-years from Earth
02.04.2018 / 16:24

US Space Agency NASA published a photo of spiral galaxy NGC 5714 in the Volovar constellation. It is about 130 million light-years from our planet.


The image of NGC 5714 is made with the Hubble Space Telescope with the ACS camera.


Because of the location of the galaxy it looks absolutely...

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