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The World's Most Powerful Women in 2018
06.12.2018 / 14:31

German Chancellor Angela Merkel retains the top spot on the list for the 8th year in a row. While she recently stepped down as head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and is not running for reelection in 2021, her leadership of Europe's largest economy makes her the defacto female leader of...

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African Island Inhabited by Super Aggressive Chimps Released From US Labs
05.12.2018 / 15:18

THIS is the secret African island inhabited by super aggressive "monster'" chimps all freed from a US testing laboratory, writes the Sun.


The apes -who are infected with contagious diseases- were abandoned on the Liberian river island after being released by their captors.



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Bulgaria's President Launched the 16th “Bulgarian Christmas” Charity Campaign

Bulgaria's President Launched the 16th “Bulgarian Christmas” Charity Campaign
03.12.2018 / 16:40

In his address at the official opening of the campaign the Head of State pointed out the purpose of this year “Bulgarian Christmas”: to provide up-to-date high-tech equipment and support comprehensive care for such children.


President Rumen Radev – President of the Republic of Bulgaria:...

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Pope Francis Says He's Worried About Homosexuality in the Priesthood
03.12.2018 / 16:35

Men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies should not be admitted to the Catholic clergy, and priests who are gay should be celibate or leave rather than lead a double life, Pope Francis said in a new book.


Francis made the comments in a book-length interview with Spanish priest Fernando Prado...

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Bernardo Bertolucci, Oscar-Winning Director of ‘The Last Emperor,’ Dies at 77

The film stage
26.11.2018 / 16:21

Bernardo Bertolucci, whose epic “The Last Emperor” won nine Oscars and who influenced generations of filmmakers with other groundbreaking works such as “The Conformist” and “Last Tango in Paris,” in which he explored politics and sexuality through personal storytelling and audacious...

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Orthodox Bulgarians Mark Christian Family Day

The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the holiday as one of its twelve Great Feasts. Photo by Sofia Photo Agency
21.11.2018 / 13:42

The Bulgarian Orthodox Christians mark Sunday the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, a day traditionally dedicated to the Christian family and youth.


The liturgical feast is also celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church.


The feast is associated with an event recounted in the apocryphal...

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Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition Reaches Livingston Island
20.11.2018 / 13:03

The head of the 27th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition, Prof. Hristo Pimpirev, announced that the OneOcean Expedition ship is anchored in the South Bay on Livingston Island, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio.


The comparatively tranquil sea and the lack of large ice blocks allows the ten-member...

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Today We Celebrate the International Day of Toleranc
16.11.2018 / 15:55

For the third time, the building of the National Palace of Culture will shine in the colors of the rainbow on the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance, reported the Bulgarian National Television.


The initiative is a sign of respect for diversity, the diversity of cultures and...

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Giant Meteorite Crater Bigger Than Paris Found Beneath Greenland’s Ice Sheet
15.11.2018 / 15:58

A giant crater that was formed when a meteorite smashed into Earth, has been uncovered deep below Greenland’s ice sheets, according to the


The 31-kilometre-wide cavity was discovered by an international team of scientists who believe it was caused by a “rare” meteorite...

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60% of World's Wildlife has been Wiped out Since 1970

60% of World's Wildlife has been Wiped out Since 1970
30.10.2018 / 15:47

Well over half the world's population of vertebrates, from fish to birds to mammals, have been wiped out in the past four decades, says a new report from the World Wildlife Fund, reports CBC News.


Between 1970 and 2014, there was 60 per cent decline, on average, among 16,700 wildlife...

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