European Parliament
23.05.2018 / 16:21

The latest Parliament Eurobarometer survey, published one year ahead of the European elections in May 2019, confirms citizens’ steadily growing support for the European Union.


With just one year to go until the next European elections, EP President Antonio Tajani will outline the results from...

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Radev to Putin: Bulgaria and Russia must be Frank with Each Other
23.05.2018 / 16:07

Bulgaria and Russia must be open and honest with each other. This was stated by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Sochi.


"The purpose of my visit is to reinstate the dialogue at the highest level after a multi-year interruption", the head of...

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Georgi Dimitrov / Vesti.bg
23.05.2018 / 16:06

Mtel announced today a change of its name, which was expected from several months - Mtel becomes A1.


A1 is the name of the group that belongs to the telecom - A1 Group, which operates in 7 countries in Europe and is part of America's fourth-largest telecom company America Movil.


Do not be...

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23.05.2018 / 16:04

Tasko Ermenkov apologized for a post on his personal Facebook profile. During the weekend he wrote that he had received water pollution signals in Sofia. The GERB deputies did not accept the apology and demanded that Ermenkov resign.


“I have said several times that I have never, in any way,...

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18.05.2018 / 15:29

Massive protests are being held by the rose producers in the country because of the low purchase price of the pink color. This was announced by Zara Klisurova, chairman of the National Union of Producers of Essential Oil, Oil and Energy Cultures in Bulgaria.


Currently, the roads for Rozino...

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Source: Stoyan Nenov, Twitter
18.05.2018 / 15:27

"The Republic of Ilinden Macedonia" is the new proposal for the name of the country, which Skopje offers in the talks to resolve the dispute with Athens, reported Macedonian TV channel A1 On, quoted by FOCUS News Agency. Diplomatic sources say the new name will be for general use, as the...

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FT: Macron Warns against Hasty EU Enlargement at the Sofia Summit
18.05.2018 / 15:26

President Emmanuel Macron of France has issued a stark warning against hasty EU enlargement in a sign of the tough fight ahead for six western Balkan countries that want to join.


At a meeting in Sofia, Mr Macron said the EU had been too keen to expand since its last full summit with the western...

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17.05.2018 / 15:41

President Donald Trump's decision to unilaterally withdraw the US from the Iranian nuclear agreement is threatening to create new conflicts, warns Turkey, a key player in the Middle East.


"The unilateral withdrawal of the US from the nuclear agreement is a solution that will cause...

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17.05.2018 / 15:39

Friends of the mountaineer Boyan Petrov are organizing this Sunday a campaign in his memory. The assembly point is in the Knyazhevo district, and then the Kopitoto area of Vitosha will be reached.


On Wednesday, Boyan Petrov's search was over. After two weeks later, the climber was not found by...

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CGTN Facebook
17.05.2018 / 15:38

The world's largest unprotected Ferris wheel opened in the Chinese city of Weifang, Shandong province, TASC reported.


The local administration has decided to apply for a Guinness record with the new facility. The vinyl wheel has a height of 145 m and its diameter is 125 m. More than 5000 tons of...

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