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Last news

2019-03-23 Anti-corruption Body Investigates Property Deals of Ruling Majority Politicians in Bulgaria

2019-03-23 Taekwondo Multi European Games Open in Bulgaria

2019-03-23 Bulgarian President Radev and CEC Discussed Preparations for the European Elections

2019-03-23 Controversial Penalty Earns Bulgaria Draw Against Montenegro

2019-03-22 CO2 emissions from cars: facts and figures (infographics)

2019-03-22 Deal agreed to protect consumers against misleading and unfair practices

2019-03-22 Forum "Women. Technology. Time" Held in Sofia

2019-03-22 The EU Postpones Brexit until May 22 if the London Government Approves the Divorce Deal

2019-03-21 Bulgarian Parliament Elected Stefka Stoeva as Chair of the New Central Election Commission

2019-03-21 Brexit: plans in place to mitigate impact of no deal

2019-03-21 After Meeting with GERB: Volya Party will Stay in Parliament

2019-03-21 Bulgarian Nurses are Again Protesting, they do not Believe the Promise of the Health Minister

2019-03-20 Increase of Salaries of Healthcare Professionals in Sofia' Emergency Hospital "Pirogov"

2019-03-20 Diplomatic Scandal between Australia and Turkey

2019-03-20 EU shoppers' rights boosted for online and offline purchases

2019-03-20 European research priorities for 2021-2027 agreed with member states

2019-03-20 New Ambassador of Bulgaria Begins Diplomatic Mission in Ukraine

2019-03-20 Most EU Citizens Believe that the Union Stands for Peace and Democratic Values

2019-03-20 Tourism Minister: The Summer for Bulgarian Tourism will Be Challenging

2019-03-19 Beer Production in Bulgaria is Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

2019-03-19 The EU Allocates More than Half a Billion Euros for Defense Projects

2019-03-19 Tax crimes: special committee calls for financial police and money-laundering watchdog

2019-03-19 The Bulgarian Government will Allocate Easter Bonuses to Pensioners

2019-03-19 For 2 Years, the Registered Growth of Foreign Direct Investment Exceeds BGN 1 billion

2019-03-19 NGOs saving lives in the Mediterranean: MEPs take stock of the situation

2019-03-19 European values in Hungary: MEPs to assess developments on Thursday at 15:30

2019-03-19 Most Wanted Workers by Sectors and Professions in February in Bulgaria

2019-03-19 Bulgarian President Rumen Radev Creates Strategic Council

2019-03-19 Bulgaria’s Black Sea Hotels and Restaurants Seek to Hire Seasonal Workers

2019-03-18 BGN 4 Billion are Needed for all Strategic Railway Projects in Bulgaria

2019-03-18 Foreign Tourists in Varna During the Winter - Mainly Romanians, Israelis, Germans and Turks

2019-03-18 Migration and rule of law on next ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly agenda

2019-03-18 Sofia Hosts a Trade Union Meeting of European Capitals

2019-03-18 EC: If Britain has not Left the EU by May, it has to Elect MEPs

2019-03-18 EC: The Situation on the Balkan Refugee Route is Stable

2019-03-18 NGOs saving lives in the Mediterranean: MEPs to assess the situation

2019-03-18 Irish Minister Seán Kyne on a Visit to Bulgaria

2019-03-18 Greece Has Announced the Exact Route of the New Zealand Striker to the Country

2019-03-18 Bulgarian IT Giant with Offices on 6 Continents Opens 200 New Jobs in Bulgaria

2019-03-17 Nearly Half of Teenagers in Bulgaria Use Energy Drinks

2019-03-17 Plans for a New Protest in Serbia

2019-03-17 European Investment Bank Provides BGN 70 Million Loan to Finance Small Businesses in Bulgaria

2019-03-17 Student Fees in Bulgarian Universities - from BGN 200 to EUR 7700

2019-03-16 Valentin Radev: Bulgaria is the Most Stable Country in the Balkans

2019-03-16 Bulgarians Celebrate Todorovden!

2019-03-15 Bulgaria will Participate in the Venice Bienniale with the Installation "How We Live"

2019-03-15 Bulgarians are Willing to Spend 90 Cents of each Leva they Earn

2019-03-15 China's Jiangxi Province Promotes Culture, Tourism in Bulgaria

2019-03-15 Plenary highlights: Brexit, countering propaganda, cyber security

2019-03-15 Road Infrastructure Agency will Invest BGN 7 Billion in Roads in North Bulgaria


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