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Last news

2018-02-22 Johannes Hahn: EU to Back Starting Entry Talks With Albania, Republic of Macedonia

2018-02-22 Prime Ministers Boyko Borissov and Victor Orban Called For Reliable EU Border Protection

2018-02-22 U.S. Students Protest Over Gun Laws, Trump Considers Arming Teachers

2018-02-22 Erdogan Ordered the Infidelity to be Forbidden by Law

2018-02-21 Turkish Embassy Receives White Powder Envelope

2018-02-21 DW: Bulgaria and Romania Push to Join EU's Schengen Area

2018-02-21 Bulgaria will Host a Joint Business Forum for Foreign Trade of Japan

2018-02-21 Trump with First Steps to Apply Stricter Weapon Control

2018-02-20 How to Become A Pilot of Airbus A320, The Story of a Young Bulgarian

2018-02-20 Bulgaria is at the Last Places in the European Union in People Working in the Field of Culture

2018-02-20 Russia Considers NATO Enlargement as a Mistake

2018-02-19 Parliament this week: animal testing, Schengen, corporate taxes

2018-02-19 The Ombudsman Organizes a Forum for the Protection of the Rights of Orphans

2018-02-19 The Ancient Egypt Museum in Cairo Shows the "Screaming Mummy"

2018-02-19 Russia has Warned the EU not to Make the Same Mistake with Serbia as with Ukraine

2018-02-15 UK Blames Russia For Cyber Attack

2018-02-15 Chinese Smartphones are Now Considered a Threat to National Security in the United States

2018-02-15 Bulgaria Rejects Treaty to Combat Violence Against Women

2018-02-14 The Dutch Prime Minister Survived a Motion of No-confidence

2018-02-14 Macron: France will Strike Syria if Government's Use of Chemical Weapons is Confirmed

2018-02-14 The National Art Gallery Received a Donation of Over BGN 1 million

2018-02-13 Palestine refugees: Parliament urges US to reconsider decision to withhold Unrwa funding

2018-02-13 Kim Jong-un Praised South Korea for the Olympics

2018-02-13 Archaeologists have Discovered Ancient Facilities for Beer and Bread Production

2018-02-13 The Website of the Bulgarian Presidency is Translated Automatically into 24 Languages

2018-02-12 Residents of Arizona will be Able to Pay their Taxes in Bitcoins

2018-02-12 Scientists have Discovered a Lake Under the Sea (Video)

2018-02-12 Chinese New Year 2018: What the Year of the Dog Actually Means

2018-02-09 GERB Seeks a Ruling from Constitutional Court in Relation to Istanbul Convention

2018-02-09 The mystery behind the Massive stone head of Guatemala

2018-02-09 Parliament calls for thorough assessment of bi-annual time change

2018-02-08 Mini Art Fest Will Open Doors This Summer in Sofia

2018-02-08 Secret Documents for the Cold War Disappeared from Switzerland

2018-02-07 Combating social inequalities in the EU

2018-02-07 Zaev: We are Ready for a Geographical Definition in the Name of Macedonia

2018-02-07 Tillerson Blamed Russia About a Failure to Perform its Commitment to Eliminate Chemical Weapons in Syria

2018-02-06 Pesticides: Parliament sets up special committee on EU authorisation process

2018-02-06 State of Emergency was Declared in the Maldives

2018-02-06 European Network for Internet on Planes will be Operational in June

2018-02-06 A Bulgarian Student in the US is Building an Artificial Reef in Greece

2018-02-05 EU Politicians Set To Vote On Whether To Scrap Daylight Saving Time

2018-02-05 Jordan, Bulgaria Sign Cooperation Program to Expand Educational, Cultural Cooperation

2018-02-05 Turkish President Meets Pope, Expected to Discuss Jerusalem

2018-02-05 CNN: Oil Tanker with 22 Aboard Missing Off Coast of West Africa

2018-02-04 Migrant crisis: 20 Bodies Pulled From Sea Near Morocco

2018-01-23 Bulgarian Film was Selected for "Berlinale" for the First Time in 29 Years

2018-01-23 Report: The Belene NPP Project is not Possible Without State Participation

2018-01-23 Official: Manchester United and Arsenal Announced the Swap Deal of Stars

2018-01-23 Katerina Manou, Regional General Manager at Regus for Greece: The Investment Environment in Bulgaria is Quite Promising

2018-01-22 Extensive Guide for Upcoming Films in 2018 We are Excited About


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