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Last news

2019-01-22 Bulgarian Ombudsman Will Present in Brussels a Petition Against the Double Standard of Food

2019-01-22 Justice Ministry Proposes Measures to Tighten Control for Bulgarian Citizenship

2019-01-22 Bulgarian PM Declined to Participate in the World Economic Forum, Following the Example of Donald Trump

2019-01-21 Bulgarian MRS: There is still Danger of Avalanches

2019-01-21 Bulgaria Repatriates 894 illegal Immigrants in 2018

2019-01-21 British PM Turns to Brexit 'Plan B'

2019-01-21 World's 26 Richest own Same as Poorest Half of Humanity

2019-01-18 Member states jeopardising the rule of law will risk losing EU funds

2019-01-18 43 People Detained in a Large-Scale Operation in Bulgaria

2019-01-18 Grigor Dimitrov For the Fifth Time in Melbourne Last Round

2019-01-18 Bulgaria Honors St. Athanasius Half Past Winter

2019-01-17 Bulgarians Honor St Anthony

2019-01-17 Bulgarians Living For Years in UK Will Have No Problems Staying After Brexit

2019-01-17 Tsipras Survives Confidence Vote

2019-01-17 Bulgarian Activists Win Case to Save UNESCO-listed Forest in Pirin National Park

2019-01-16 Bulgaria Officially Returns to the Venice Biennale in 2019

2019-01-16 Bulgarian Parliament’s Legal Committee Rejected President's Veto on Penal Code

2019-01-16 General Electric Interested in Participating as Potential Supplier of Equipment and Engineer of Belene NPP

2019-01-16 UK Parliament Rejects Brexit Deal in Historic Vote

2019-01-15 Fines for Drivers without Vignettes in Bulgaria Start Tomorrow, 16.01

2019-01-15 Brexit: Theresa May Faces 'Meaningful Vote' on Her Deal

2019-01-15 Thousands Turn out across Poland to Remember Slain Mayor

2019-01-15 Yesterday Hundreds of Roma People Demanded the Resignation of Deputy PM with a Protest in Sofia

2019-01-14 Sergei Stanishev, PES: The Mission in the Coming Elections is to Save Europe

2019-01-14 Daily Mail: Sunny Beach in Bulgaria Sees off Marmaris and the Algarve to be ...

2019-01-14 Second Black Box From Indonesia Plane Crash Found

2019-01-11 The Program of "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019" Starts Today

2019-01-11 First Surgery in Eastern Europe Carried Out with Help of "Da Vinci" Robot

2019-01-11 Great Preparation For the International Festival SURVA in Pernik

2019-01-10 Maria Gabriel: We Are Creating European Artificial Intelligence-on-Demand-Platform

2019-01-10 EP’s Transport Committee Rejects Compromise Requested by Bulgaria on Mobility package

2019-01-10 Hauliers from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia Make Joint Declaration Against Mobility Package

2019-01-09 Macedonia Lawmakers To Hold Critical Debate Over Name Change

2019-01-09 No Visa Fees For Bulgarians in Thailand Until the End of April

2019-01-09 The World Bank Predicts a Downturn in the Global Economy

2019-01-09 Bulgaria Decides to Start Talks with US on F-16 jet Deal

2019-01-08 France is Preparing a New Law on Protests

2019-01-08 France to Crack Down on Unauthorised 'Yellow Vest' Protests

2019-01-08 Sales of Electronic Vignettes at Petrol Stations Throughout Bulgaria Started on January 7

2019-01-07 Plovdiv and Matera: European Capitals of Culture in 2019

2019-01-07 Grigor Dimitrov Withdraws From FAST4

2019-01-07 Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine with Joint Project to Protect Dolphins in the Black Sea

2019-01-07 Currently most Brits Want their Country to Remain a Member of the European Union

2019-01-07 Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Saint John the Baptist

2019-01-04 CNN Presented Plovdiv as One of the 19 Mandatory Places to Visit in 2019

2019-01-04 Donald Trump: I Do Not Care About Europe

2019-01-04 Busiest British Airports Purchase Anti-Drone Systems

2019-01-04 Problems With the E-vignettes Introduced on 1 January

2019-01-03 Sony World Photography Awards - The Winners

2019-01-03 China Lands Probe on Far Side of Moon


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