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2018-10-18 Canada Becomes First Major Economy to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

2018-10-18 Suspect In Murder Of Bulgarian Journalist Extradited To Sofia From Germany

2018-10-18 Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev is on a Visit to the UK

2018-10-17 Brexit effect: Public opinion survey shows that EU is more appreciated than ever

2018-10-17 Six Injured in Accident at Arms Factory Arsenal in Kazanlak

2018-10-17 Norway Won and is Now Ahead of Bulgaria in our Group in League of Nations Tournament

2018-10-17 Bulgaria Tops EU Poverty Risk Ranking

2018-10-16 Bulgarian and French Archaeologists Discovered an Impressive Tomb in Sozopol

2018-10-16 Russian Orthodox Church Cuts Ties with Constantinople

2018-10-12 Facebook: MEPs demand a full audit by EU bodies to assess data protection

2018-10-12 Plastic in the ocean: the facts, effects and new EU rules

2018-10-12 Seven People were Detained in Attempt to Sell Unique Gold Artifacts Found in Bulgaria

2018-10-12 AFP: Germany to Extradite Suspect in Bulgarian Journalist Killing 'Soon'

2018-10-11 PM Borisov Meets with Ambassadors on Murder in Ruse

2018-10-11 PM and Apostolic Nuncio to Bulgaria Discussed Possible Visit by the Pope

2018-10-11 4th Edition of Autumn Flower Bazaar Opens Today at Flora Exhibition Centre in Burgas

2018-10-10 The Platform for New Bulgarian Short Films REVERSE ANGLE Presents Three Films About the Boundaries of Dreams

2018-10-10 Suspect in Bulgarian Journalist Murder Arrested in Germany

2018-10-09 Leading female EU politicians urge women to vote and stand in European elections

2018-10-09 Sakharov Prize 2018: the finalists

2018-10-09 Tripartite Council Approves Changes in Tax Legislation in Bulgaria

2018-10-09 AFP: Bulgaria Under Pressure after Journalist's Brutal Murder

2018-10-08 Chinese Company Appealed Against BDZ's Tender for New Railcars

2018-10-08 Eastern Europeans will Occupy "Hundreds of Thousands" of New Jobs in Germany

2018-10-08 Bulgarian Businesses Firmly Against Maintenance of Pension Ceiling and Raised Insurance Limit

2018-10-05 See the Big Winners of the 36th Edition of the Bulgarian Film Festival “Golden Rose”

2018-10-05 Nobel Peace Prize: Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad Win Award

2018-10-05 Bulgarians Make Final Cut for Second Round of Women's Volleyball Championship

2018-10-04 China Beat Bulgaria for 4th Straight Win at Women's Volleyball World Championship

2018-10-04 Sylvester Stallone was Admitted to the Bulgarian Government Hospital in Sofia

2018-10-04 Bulgarian Tourism Minister: Interactive Map of Spa Destinations will be Ready Within a Month

2018-10-04 Green light for VAT overhaul to simplify system and cut fraud

2018-10-04 Parliament pushes for cleaner cars on EU roads by 2030

2018-10-02 Brexit and migration dominates the debate on October’s EU summit

2018-10-02 Nobel Prize in Physics is Shared by a Woman, the First in 55 Years

2018-10-02 After 2017 Loss to Rafael Nadal, Grigor Dimitrov Eyes Title in Beijing

2018-10-02 Macedonia PM Defies Low Turnout to Push Name Change

2018-10-02 Archaeologists Discovered an Unusual Ancient Fortress in Bulgaria

2018-10-01 Scientists Behind Game-changing Cancer Immunotherapies Win Nobel Medicine Prize

2018-10-01 West Welcomes Macedonia Vote Backing New Name

2018-10-01 Indonesia Calls for International Help to Deal with Quake-tsunami Aftermath

2018-09-28 Everybody on Plane Survives Crash Landing in Pacific Lagoon

2018-09-28 'Major Terrorist Attack' Prevented in Netherlands, 7 Arrested

2018-09-28 Two Arrested and Charged after Attacking a Journalist During Investigation in Veliko Tarnovo

2018-09-28 Do you Prefer Summer or Winter Time? The Bulgarian State Launches an Online Poll

2018-09-27 The Bulgarian Anti-Corruption Commission is Looking for the Former Minister of Finance Simeon Djankov

2018-09-27 Bulgaria: Medieval Bulgarian Rulers Series Continues with Latest Coin in Tribute to Tsar Ivan Asen II

2018-09-27 World Leaders Gather to Breathe New Life into Paris Accord

2018-09-27 Trump Says 'All Options' on the Table with Venezuela

2018-09-26 EU Launches Asia Strategy to Rival China's 'New Silk Road'


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