Repairs of 'Trakia' and 'Hemus' Highways

Repairs of 'Trakia' and 'Hemus' Highways
18.06.2019 / 11:59

Traffic jams are possible, reported NOVA TV.

On Tuesday, due to the repair of the ''Hemus'' Motorway, the traffic will be redirected to one strip in the direction of Varna between the 28th and the 31st km.

Traffic jams are expected. The area will be repaired and the Viaduct, the machines will work there until the end of December.

Difficult traffic is also expected in the Trayanovi Door tunnel on the ''Trakia'' highway in the Burgas tube.

There, the cars will move in one lane due to the repairs of the antennas to a mobile operator.

Sofia Photo Agency

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