Currently most Brits Want their Country to Remain a Member of the European Union

Currently most Brits Want their Country to Remain a Member of the European Union
07.01.2019 / 11:59

Most British people want their country to remain a member of the European Union, and those who are in favour of leaving are a minority, according to the results of a poll published today, reports Reuters.


The survey by YouGov, among 25,000 people with voting rights, shows that the Brits want to make the final decision. According to the results, if a referendum on UK membership in the EU is to take place now, 46% will vote for remaining, 39% leave, and the others have not decided, they will not vote or refuse to answer.


When people who have not yet been identified and those who refuse to respond are removed from the sample, 54% to 46% are in favour of staying in the EU.


These results are consistent with other polls in recent months that show a deeply divided electorate in which opinion has slightly shifted in favor of staying in the EU. In 2016, the British voted 52 against 48% in favor of leaving. This poll was commissioned by the "People's Vote" group, which launched a campaign to convene a second referendum, Reuters quoted.


Against this background, the number of British citizens who receive citizenship of another EU country has increased significantly on the eve of the planned departure from the United Kingdom in March, according to a survey quoted by the DPA.


Over the past three years, there has been a tangible increase in British applications for passports in Germany, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Many Brits are concerned about their future and the ability to travel and work in continental Europe, while the outcome of the UK's EU talks on the conditions for its exit from the community remains uncertain.

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